Rather than looking at business metrics separately, we've developed techniques and a holistic approach to help leaders navigate complex environments with clarity of how to act. This inevitably leads to unimagined outcomes and elevates organizational performance. 

We continually develop tools and programs that drive engagement and optimize the employee experience through hands-on training workshops and executive coaching.



Our proprietary survey offerings have been refined through decades of consulting experience with a multitude of companies, ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to small nonprofit organizations.

Whether the solutions you need are internal or external in nature, we have a specialized tool that diagnoses performance gaps and prescribes initiatives to implement.

Clarity Performance Index

Positively Safety

Psychological Safety

Behaviors 360*



The following products were developed specifically to assist leaders with aligning their organizations quickly, to optimize employee experience, and to enhance overall performance. These interactive and engaging tools leverage scientific findings and organizational research to facilitate the understanding of key components and streamline action plans to implement in your daily work.

Behavioral Competency Toolkit

Organizational Identity Toolkit

Huemanize Mind Maps

Talent Management Guides



The Institute designs thought-provoking and impactful workshops that empower companies, executive teams, and leaders with an understanding of the core tenets of business to apply that knowledge in real-time.

Foundations of Clarity (Vision)

Mapping Clarity (Strategy)

Clarity in Action (Behavioral Competencies)

Dimensions of Clarity (Organizational Design)