Information science is rapidly evolving, requiring a flexible framework to create ongoing understanding. Research requires a more fluid and dynamic approach—that's why we utilize a variety of research tools and methodologies to help organizations keep up with the pace of change. Through this holistic framework, we discover valuable connections in behavioral trends that drive insights and elevate performance.






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Leading Clarity, published by Wiley, is the acclaimed book by Brad Deutser. The book details the breakthrough strategy to unleash people, profit and performance. To order or learn about the book, visit

Institute leaders, academic partners, visiting authors, and business executives work together in a creative, dynamic environment to further the science and art of clarity. Our innovative approach synthesizes multidisciplinary research findings in a way that connects all the data in order to cultivate insights that advance the scope of leadership. These ideas are communicated through recognized books, published works, white papers, and articles to elevate thinking around the human experience.



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One original thought is worth the sum total of human knowledge, because it advances the sum total of human knowledge by that one original thought.
— Jacob Bronowski